Refinement of Eclipse Planning

Science Nugget: Feb 21, 1998

This week we continued planning our observations for the upcoming solar eclipse. SXT is currently planning on making a series of quarter-resolution (256x256) full-sun images in the AlMg filter. The selection of only one filter for the sequence and the reduction of resolution to 256x256, allow for a faster cadence of images; we should get one full-sun image every 32 seconds. If a suitable active region is expected to lie along the edge of the moon's apparent path across the Sun, we also plan to make a sequence of fast-cadence partial-sun images, in the hopes of getting images of grazing occultation of the active region.

The rapid motion of Yohkoh makes it whiz in and out of eclipse several times, as shown in the plots below. Please refer to the planning page for further details, and we will present a view of the real thing in our notes for Week 9.


David McKenzie and Hugh Hudson, 21-Feb-97 (email,