Hida Campaign -- Jet Observed by SXT and TRACE

Science nugget: Aug 08, 1998

This week's targets for the Hida emerging flux campaign were AR 8294/95 and AR 8293. The purpose of the campaign was to observe signatures of flux emergence simultaneously at different layers of solar atmosphere. These signatures include arch filament systems (AFSs), surges, X-ray jets and loop brightenings.

The complex AR 8294/95 was relatively stable as far as X-ray observations were concerned, but AR 8293 showed many dynamic phenomena. As an example, we show a nearly simultaneous set of images from SXT and TRACE taken around the time of an X-ray jet. The left arrow points to the jet seen by SXT. The right arrow seems to be a loop brightening at the leading edge of the region. The role of emerging flux will be studied using data in the other wavelength including optical. This region shows a nice cusp structure in SXT images, and we will be looking for a counterpart in TRACE. Click the figure below.


Nariaki Nitta 8-Aug-98 (email 'nitta'@lmsal.com). For a summary index listing of the weekly science reports, click here.