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Inquiry Form

The result of this form shows the number and type of Yohkoh SXT images available for a given time span. The report will list the number of images, their pointings, and resolutions, for each Yohkoh orbit within the specified time span; it does not list the times of the individual images. (Since SXT frequently makes more than 100 images in a single 96-minute orbit, a more detailed report would quickly become prohibitively large.)

For each pointing, the report includes a listing of NOAA active regions closest to that pointing; note that more than one NOAA region may be listed for each pointing, as the SXT field of view is large enough to be "near" more than one active region. This should not be taken as a guarantee that the SXT images depict the listed NOAA active region.

This form is not currently set up to allow the retrieval of images from the Yohkoh data archive. Data can be requested from several sources (see below). This form is only intended to provide a listing of the images which are available.

  1. Select Start and Stop times - all times are Universal Time; the earliest available data are September 3, 1991. (Note: There are often data gaps around the New Year's holiday or just after a solar eclipse.) Enter times in one of these formats:
    	 12-jun-99 10:00
        or   1999/06/13  10:00
    Start Time
    End Time (Hint: Please make the interval at least two hours in length)

  2. Push when ready or to clear entries

Example: An example of the output from this program is provided, with explanations of the column headings.

Calibration and Analysis:

Links to Other Observing Logs:

A multitude of links to online data archives and observing logs are gathered on the Max Millennium pages at http://solar.physics.montana.edu/max_millennium/data_archives.shtml.

Yohkoh observing campaigns are tabulated at here.

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