Yohkoh Legacy data Archive

Welcome to our website! The Yohkoh Legacy data Archive (YLA) is intended to provide all usable scientific data obtained with the Yohkoh satellite, in convenient forms for research and education. The YLA consists of the whole set of Yohkoh data (from raw data to highly processed catalogs), with the web services of quick look, data search, and a sufficient amount of explanatory materials. Here is our Data Policy.

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The YLA has been one of the resident archives(RAs) supported by NASA's Heliophysics Data Environment Enhancements program since 2009 through 2015. Our six year of achievements as an RA are summarized here. The YLA web site continues to be active as a primary source of Yohkoh products. Our user support will be depending on the availabity of the resources.

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Extended X-ray corona on 8-May-1992.
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