What type of data are you looking for, today?

In this archive, we provide several kinds of data and services. Please use the link in below or in the side-frame to find the page that most meets your needs.

:: Direct links to the YLA data directories ::
If you are already familiar with our data types and filename convention, directly accessing the data directories would be the briefest way to get the data. Please, use the data links at the side-frame to reach there. Data description and file name convention are also available at the same page.
:: Data search ::
If you would like to get some SXT data at particular time range, YLA/SXT data search will help. Observing logs during that time range can be checked with the Obs-log inquiry form. Our products are also accessible through the Virtual Solar Observatory data search
:: Data browsing service ::
If you would like to check the SXT images for a particular event or time range, try our Quick Look SXT pages, where you can briefly browse daily images/movies, weekly movies, SXT data coverage, hourly PFI locations, and so on. You can also create custom-ordered movies through our SXT Movie Maker.
:: Auxiliary data ::
Our data archive contains several derivatives from the basic data, such as, SXT Synoptic archive, Image and Movie galleries, and etc. Are you looking for non-SXT data? We have raw (level_0) data of BCS, HXT and WBS instruments, for which you can access from here. All the calibrated data from those instruments are included in our two kinds of Flare catalogs. One is made of the flare events detected with HXT and WBS, while the other is from the events detected with BCS.
:: Documentation ::
Our archive also contains various kinds of documentaion, from those written in pre-launch phase to these added after the end of the mission. Examples are about Yohkoh satellite and instruments, operation command histories, reports, analysis guides(YAGs), the Science Nuggets, and so on.

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