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The X-Ray Sun Seen by Yohkoh/SXT

This image, from the soft X-ray telescope on board Yohkoh, shows the X-ray emission of the solar corona on May 8, 1992. The effective wavelength is about 10 A, or 1 keV, and the resolution is about 10 arc sec. The image was made deeper and wider by combining several images with different exposure times and different telescope pointings. An X-ray image of this type has a total contrast range on the order of 10^5, requiring a logarithmic compression to bring all of its features into view simultaneously.

The Sun in X-Rays:

The Disc The Limb Coronal Hole X-ray Bright Point Active Region
Arcade of Loops Interconnecting
Coronal Streamer Polar Plumes Large Isolated
Magnetic Loop

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