·CCD radiation damage & Yohkoh repointing (14-jul-'94)
·Correlation of SXT Straylight With Sun Center Position (08-dec-'94)
·Variation of SXT Straylight (19-feb-'95)
·Strange Pointing Results Near BDR Overwrite Gap (19-feb-'95)
·Yohkoh Temperature and Pointing Drift (03-mar-'95)
·SXT Pointings and Terminator Pointings (08-mar-'95)
·Drift of the Actual Pointing from Commanded Values (05-may-'95)
·Orbital Variation of S/C Pointing & Terminator Offset (11-nov-'95)
·Recent Pointings 1995 (19-dec-'95)
·ATT-SFT Compare (21-aug-'96)
·HXA Scan Signals (06-sep-'96)
·Variation of AlMg Straylight with Pointing (04-nov-'96)
·Variation of Al.1 Straylight With Pointing (04-nov-'96)
·Current Status of Terminator Positions and Pointings 1 (21-feb-'97)
·Comparison of Yohkoh Commanded and True Attitude (07-apr-'97)
·Current Status of Terminator Positions and Pointings 2 (14-apr-'97)
·ATT errors? (10-jun-'97)
·SFC Pointing Irregularity (14-jun-'97)
·SFC Pinhole Pattern in Al.1 (22-nov-'97)
·Drift of ATT Pointing (13-jan-'98)
·ATT Status during an SFC (24-jan-'98)
·ATT Status for Jan 1 - March 5, 1998 (05-mar-'98)
·HXA Limb Problems (13-jul-'98)
·Attempt to Minimize Pointing Scatter (19-sep-'98)
·Offpoint Test of Mar-1999 (27-mar-'99)
·Estimation of ATT accuracy (9-may-2014) PDF