·"Streamer Blowout" in the Low Corona -- the 920124 event (03-jun-'92)
·Effect of SAA on Dark Signal (25-aug-'93)
·Mercury Transit SFD & Expanded FFI (06-nov-'93)
·Mercury Transit on 6-Nov-1993 --1 (10-nov-'93)
·The Mercury Transit PFI Images (11-nov-'93)
·Mercury Transit on 6-Nov-1993 --2 (12-nov-'93)
·13-Nov-1993 Eclipse Prediction 1 (13-nov-'93)
·13-Nov-1993 Solar Eclipse Image 1 (15-nov-'93)
·The 26-Aug-1992 Extended Corona (15-nov-'93)
·Coronal Eclipse Image from 13-Nov-1993 (17-nov-'93)
·13-Nov-1993 Eclipse Prediction 2 (07-dec-'93)
·Partial Solar Eclipse of 13-Nov-1993 (18-dec-'93)
·Transit of Mercury Across the Corona (18-dec-'93)
·HXT-SXT Overlay Images from the 920113 Limb Flare (18-dec-'93)
·Transit of Mercury observed 6 November 1993 (21-dec-'93)
·Orbital Dark Current Variation in 1991 (03-jan-'94)
·Soft X-ray Jet of 7-Dec-1991 (03-jan-'94)
·Trajectory of Ulysses Projected onto the 920426 SXT Image (04-jan-'94)
·Comparison of SFDs Made from 2 and 3 Images (12-feb-'94)
·A Stereoscopic Pair of SXT Images (19-feb-'94)
·SXT/SERTS Comparison -- 17-Aug-1993 (22-feb-'94)
·Specks on SXT Diffuser Image (23-feb-'94)
·Two CME Launchers in 1994 (28-feb-'94)
·Coronal Hole Temperature Measurement (12-mar-'94)
·Exploding Loops of 920212 (15-mar-'94)
·The 8-MAY-1992 Extended Corona 1 (Red image) (15-mar-'94)
·SXT Full-Disk Light Curve 1 (15-mar-'94)
·Giant Arcade and Jet of 911112 (15-mar-'94)
·Menagerie of Loops (15-mar-'94)
·"Scorpion" Filament Eruptions (15-mar-'94)
·Expanding Active-Region Loops -- the 920422 Event (20-mar-'94)
·10-May-1994 Annular Eclipse Prediction 1 (22-mar-'94)
·Straylight Network in AL.1 -- "the Retina Pattern" (11-apr-'94)
·Active-Region Transient Brightenings 1 (25-apr-'94)
·Active-Region Transient Brightenings 2 (25-apr-'94)
·SXT High Level X-Ray Images from the 25-Jun-1992 evnet (26-apr-'94)
·SXT Diffuser Image from 940426 (29-apr-'94)
·10-May-1994 Annular Eclipse Prediction 2 (07-may-'94)
·Eruptive Prominence of 14-Jan-1993 (07-may-'94)
·10-May-1994 Annular Eclipse Prediction 3 (09-may-'94)
·Comparison of SXT Mercury Images with the Point Response Function (14-may-'94)
·Coronal Hole of March 8, 1994 (27-may-'94)
·The X9 Event of 2-Nov-1992 (3-jun-1'4)
·Orbit Variation of SXT Dark Signal (13-jun-'94)
·SXT X-Ray Scattering Function (Thin Aluminum) (26-jun-'94)
·CCD radiation damage & Yohkoh repointing (14-jul-'94)
·Image Improvement & Data Loss Using Present SFD Algorithm 1 (07-oct-'94)
·Image Improvement & Data Loss Using Present SFD Algorithm 2 (07-oct-'94)
·3-Nov-1994 Eclipse Prediction -- AR Location 1 (31-oct-'94)
·3-Nov-1994 Eclipse Prediction -- AR Location 2 (01-nov-'94)
·3-Nov-1994 Eclipse AlMg Images (07-nov-'94)
·3-Nov-1994 Eclipse PFI Images (07-nov-'94)
·Change in SXT Diffuser Image in 7 Months (08-nov-'94)
·Diffuser X-Ray Compare of 941104 (08-nov-'94)
·The 8-MAY-1992 Extended Corona 2 (Enhanced-Reversed-Red) (09-nov-'94)
·CCD Radiation Effects (Damage 941103) (10-nov-'94)
·Shadowing by SXT Analysis Filter Support Mesh (11-nov-'94)
·SXT Full-Disk Light Curve 2 (11-nov-'94)
·Night Flares! (20-nov-'94)
·Offpoint Request to Correct 1993 SPARTAN Images (03-dec-'94)
·Correlation of SXT Straylight With Sun Center Position (08-dec-'94)
·Variations of Dark Signal (09-dec-'94)
·Effect of Poor Straylight Image (09-dec-'94)
·Difference Between TFSS Night and FEM Night (14-dec-'94)
·The Sunset Curves of the SXT Signal (14-dec-'94)
·As the Sun Sinks Slowly in the West (16-dec-'94)
·3-Nov-1994 Full Sun Images (16-dec-'94)
·Scattered Light in 3-Nov-1994 Eclipse Images (16-dec-'94)
·Processed SFC Straylight-Correction Images (19-dec-'94)
·Sunset Eclipse of X-Rays and Visible Straylight (22-dec-'94)
·Orbital Variation of SXT Dark Current (29-dec-'94)
·14-Apr-1994 CME Event (25-jan-'95)
·A Comparison of 3 HXT Image Reconstruction Algorithms (25-jan-'95)
·Temperature Structure of the Diffuse Corona 1 (30-jan-'95)
·Trend in CCD Camera Head Temperatures (10-feb-'95)
·Variation of SXT Straylight (19-feb-'95)
·Strange Pointing Results Near BDR Overwrite Gap (19-feb-'95)
·Study of AL.1 Straylight Signal Over an Orbit (26-feb-'95)
·Yohkoh Temperature and Pointing Drift (03-mar-'95)
·SXT Pointings and Terminator Pointings (08-mar-'95)
·Coronal Changes on 13-Nov-1995 (21-mar-'95)
·Temperature Structure of the Diffuse Corona 2 (11-apr-'95)
·X-ray Coronal Mass Ejection? (02-may-'95)
·Dark Subtraction Comparison (05-may-'95)
·Drift of the Actual Pointing from Commanded Values (05-may-'95)
·Variation of Visible Straylight (06-may-'95)
·Periodic Flare? -- on the SERTS Target on 950515 (20-may-'95)
·SXT Full-Disk Light Curve 3 (21-may-'95)
·Post-flare Giant Arches -- the 911102 Event (21-may-'95)
·Long Exposure Study of Quiet Corona (28-may-'95)
·Radiance Distribution of Active and Quiet Sun (31-may-'95)
·Source of Coronal Mass in a CME? -- the 940227 Event (11-jun-'95)
·Stackplots of SXT Synoptic Maps (8-jul-1'5)
·SXT Temperature Sensitivity (24-jul-'95)
·Gigantic Jet from the 920111 "Anemone-type" Region (24-jul-'95)
·Variation of pinhole brightness with Time (24-aug-'95)
·Stray Light Pattern in Thin Aluminum Images (26-aug-'95)
·Change in Diffuser Images (28-aug-'95)
·SFDs Before and After the Filter Failures (01-sep-'95)
·The First Active Region of the New Solar Cycle? (02-sep-'95)
·The 8-MAY-1992 Extended Corona 3 (Enhanced-Red) (08-sep-'95)
·SXT Full-Disk Light Curve 4 (15-sep-'95)
·24-Oct-1995 Eclipse Predictions (20-sep-'95)
·SXT and GOES Overlay for 4-Jan-92 through 14-Aug-95 (22-sep-'95)
·Comparison of EIT and SXT images 1: FeXXV vs AlMg (14-oct-'95)
·Comparison of EIT and SXT images 2: FeXXV vs AlMg (magnified view) (14-oct-'95)
·Comparison of EIT and SXT images 3: FeIX vs AlMg (14-oct-'95)
·Comparison of EIT and SXT images 4: FeIX vs AlMg (magnified view) (14-oct-'95)
·Comparison of EIT and SXT images 5: FeXII vs AlMg (14-oct-'95)
·Comparison of EIT and SXT images 6: FeXII vs AlMg (magnified view) (14-oct-'95)
·X-Rays and White Light Corona (20-oct-'95)
·AlMg Terminator Variation (05-nov-'95)
·Straylight Grill Pattern In Thin Aluminum (10-nov-'95)
·Orbital Variation of S/C Pointing & Terminator Offset (11-nov-'95)
·SXT Thin Aluminum Straylight Grill Patterns - I (14-nov-'95)
·SXT Thin Aluminum Straylight Grill Patterns - II (14-nov-'95)
·Dark Spike Variation (16-nov-'95)
·Study of X-Ray Scattering Corrections (25-nov-'95)
·Effects of the 951123 CCD Bakeout (27-nov-'95)
·Azimuthal & Time Variation of X-Ray Scatter (01-dec-'95)
·Scattered Light Observation (08-dec-'95)
·Recent Pointings 1995 (19-dec-'95)
·Study of X-Ray Scattering Into the High Corona (29-dec-'95)
·Effect of Ent.-Filter Correction on SXT Temperatures (18-jan-'96)
·Coronal Dimming during CME of 28-Aug-1992 (26-feb-'96)
·Dark Spike at (182,66 HR) (14-mar-'96)
·17-Apr-1996 Partial Eclipse of the X-ray Sun 1 (20-apr-'96)
·17-Apr-1996 Partial Eclipse of the X-ray Sun 2 (20-apr-'96)
·Correlation Between Te and EM in SXT Low-Temperature Measurements (22-apr-'96)
·Spurious Correlation of Temperature & EM (22-apr-'96)
·SXT Full-Disk Light Curve 5 (29-apr-'96)
·The 960519 glitch on CCD -- Decay (31-may-'96)
·The 960519 glitch on CCD -- Diffuser (31-may-'96)
·The 960519 glitch on CCD -- Exposures (31-may-'96)
·The 960519 glitch on CCD -- Profiles (31-may-'96)
·The 960519 glitch on CCD -- Rise Phase (31-may-'96)
·The 960519 glitch on CCD -- At a Glance (31-may-'96)
·CCD Artifact Resulting From 930414 Overexposure (04-jun-'96)
·On Orbit Measurement of SXT CCD Electronic Gain (06-jun-'96)
·Test Full-Sun images in Be (08-jun-'96)
·SFD Temperature Comparison 1 (26-jun-'96)
·SFD Temperature Comparison 2 (26-jun-'96)
·Final Throes of AR7978 (16-jul-'96)
·CCD Readout Artifact of 26-July-1996 (27-jul-'96)
·ATT-SFT Compare (21-aug-'96)
·The Third Step-Increase in SXT Visible Straylight (28-aug-'96)
·SXT Straylight Situation -- Phase 3 (02-sep-'96)
·HXA Scan Signals (06-sep-'96)
·12-Oct-1996 Eclipse Prediction (03-oct-'96)
·Upside Down Loop?? (05-oct-'96)
·CCD Cool Down Transient (12-oct-'96)
·Changes Caused by Time and by CCD Bakeout - I (13-oct-'96)
·Changes Caused by Time and by CCD Bakeout - II (13-oct-'96)
·Orbit Variation of CCD Dark Current (22-oct-'96)
·The 1996 Active Longitude (23-oct-'96)
·Illustration of Temperature Error vs. Ratio Error (30-oct-'96)
·Vignette & Scatter Correction Comparison (30-oct-'96)
·Variation of pinhole brightness with Pointing (31-oct-'96)
·Variation of AlMg Straylight with Pointing (04-nov-'96)
·Variation of Al.1 Straylight With Pointing (04-nov-'96)
·The 1996 SERTS Target (16-nov-'96)
·CCD Artifact Positions (17-dec-'96)
·CCD Artifact Timeline (17-dec-'96)
·DP Rate and Dec-96 Glitch (18-dec-'96)
·Gaps in FFI due to Reformatter Error (04-jan-'97)
·Monthly Totals of successful SFCs (03-feb-'97)
·Current Status of Terminator Positions and Pointings 1 (21-feb-'97)
·Solar X-Ray Minimum (03-mar-'97)
·CCD Contamination (20-mar-'97)
·CCD Radiation Damage (Dark Pixels) (22-mar-'97)
·Active Regions from the New Solar Cycle (27-mar-'97)
·Comparison of Yohkoh Commanded and True Attitude (07-apr-'97)
·Effect of Dark Pixels on Te and EM (11-apr-'97)
·Current Status of Terminator Positions and Pointings 2 (14-apr-'97)
·Flare ARS Problem (15-apr-'97)
·Flare ARS Problem II (15-apr-'97)
·SFC Status 1996-Sep to 1997-Apr (21-apr-'97)
·Results of Open/Open UV-Flood of CCD (22-apr-'97)
·Effect of Open/Open UV-Flood on Dark Signal (10-may-'97)
·ATT errors? (10-jun-'97)
·SFC Pointing Irregularity (14-jun-'97)
·Estimate of Yohkoh Orbit Day Interval for SERTS (17-jun-'97)
·Update on the Solar-Cycle Variation of SXT Total Signal (05-jul-'97)
·Pointings at the Times of SFC Terminators (16-jul-'97)
·BDR Optimization (17-jul-'97)
·Comparison of SFM and SFC Pointings (18-jul-'97)
·SFC difference images (06-aug-'97)
·Daily and Annual Averages of AlMg Full Sun Signals (24-sep-'97)
·Exact Time of 3rd Entrance Filter Failure (03-oct-'97)
·False Flare on 971010 (19-oct-'97)
·Thin Aluminum Darkframe Test (04-nov-'97)
·Thin Al Darkframe Test (04-nov-'97)
·Statistical Properties of SXT Darkframes (15-nov-'97)
·The Cloverleaf Saturation (19-nov-'97)
·SFC Pinhole Pattern in Al.1 (22-nov-'97)
·Orbit Variation of Dark Signal in December 1997 (14-dec-'97)
·Active Region Interconnecting Loop (27-dec-'97)
·Drift of ATT Pointing (13-jan-'98)
·Dagwood SFC Survey (18-jan-'98)
·AlMg SFC Summary (19-jan-'98)
·Al.1 and AlMg SFC Boundaries (20-jan-'98)
·ATT Status during an SFC (24-jan-'98)
·Full Resolution Al.1 Terminator (25-jan-'98)
·Time of First Entrance Filter Failure (27-jan-'98)
·Straylight Increase of 980123 (02-feb-'98)
·Time of the fourth entrance filter failure (05-feb-'98)
·SFD Filter Ratio Map After the 980124 Rupture (16-feb-'98)
·New SFC Difference Images (20-feb-'98)
·SFC and New_Separation (20-feb-'98)
·SFC and Solar Radius (20-feb-'98)
·Long and Clear Cosmic-Ray Track (03-mar-'98)
·ATT Status for Jan 1 - March 5, 1998 (05-mar-'98)
·SXT Diffuser Image from 980610 (10-jun-'98)
·A Full Resolution Diffuser Image (06-jul-'98)
·HXA Limb Problems (13-jul-'98)
·A New Faint Glitch at the SW Limb (22-jul-'98)
·Attempt to Minimize Pointing Scatter (19-sep-'98)
·CCD Photon Transfer Experiment (02-oct-'98)
·January 1999 SXT Entrance Filter Failure (23-feb-'99)
·Time of August 1995 SXT Entrance Filter Event (26-feb-'99)
·Offpoint Test of Mar-1999 (27-mar-'99)
·March 1999 Entrance Filter Failure Event (03-aug-'01)
·The QR-DPE27 Problem (29-aug-'01)
·April 1999 Entrance Filter Failure Event (12-sep-'01)
·SXT Point Spread Function (2-Jun-2002) PDF
·Recalculating SXT Temperature Response Functions (8-Mar-2011)
·Detection of a Gamma Ray Burst of 19-Apr-1992 by WBS/HXS (1-aug-2011)
·Long-term Variation of Diffuser Images (5-mar-2014)
·Estimation of ATT accuracy (9-may-2014) PDF
·SXT Dark Current Orbital Correction Report (18-dec-2015)
·Re-analysis of Entrance Finter Failures (14-jun-2018)